Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata: Major sites and explorers of Indus Valley Civilization

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Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata: The key sites and discoverers of the Indus Valley Civilization are important to know, as questions about the Indus Valley Civilization frequently appear in many exams. Understanding this civilization is essential for exam preparation

Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata

Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata Ke Pramukh Sthal

The Indus Valley Civilization (Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata) is one of India’s ancient civilizations, also known as the ‘Harappan Civilization’. Historians and archaeologists discovered many sites during excavations, which we call the sites of the Harappan or Indus Valley Civilization. The exploration and study of these important sites of the Civilization are crucial for exams, and understanding this is extremely important for exam preparation.

Major Sites of the Indus Valley Civilization

Information about the major sites of the Indus Valley Civilization can be obtained from the table below. This table provides details about the locations of key sites of the Harappan Civilization and their discoverers. This information is important for related questions in many exams

Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata Ke Pramukh Sthal or Khojkarta

Site NameYearPlaceInvestigator
Harappa1921Punjab Province Pakistan (Montgomery District)Dayaram Sahni
Mohenjodaro1922Sindh Province Pakistan (Larkana District)Rakhaldas Banerjee
Sutkangdor1927Balochistan PakistanOral Stein
Chanhuddo1931Sindh PakistanMG Majumdar
Rangpur1951-53Ahmedabad IndiaMadhoswaroop, Lal and Rao
Kotdiji1953Sindh PakistanFazal Ahmed
Ropad1953Punjab IndiaYagyadutt Sharma
Kalibangan1961Gangasagar Rajasthan IndiaB.B Lal
Lothal1954Ahmedabad IndiaS. R. Rao
Dholavira1990Dholavira Gujarat IndiaR.S Visht

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